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Human Rights Violation and Murali's world record

2014 Feb 17

Although it may sound a bit surprising, it can be said without doubt that there is a clear parallel between the so-called Geneva resolution regarding Sri Lankan humanitarian operation over LTTE and Murali’s world record of 800 wickets! Sunday July 25, 2010, the article written by Paul Lewis (the sport editor of the New Zealand Herald at that time) mentioned the caption as “That ‘but’ spoils 800 benchmark”. In this article, he was even criticizing ICC as “Faced with having to rewrite the record books to contain a runaway Murali, the ICC took the easy way out - they rewrote the law book instead. It’s a dubious accomplishment”.
The said person does not know that extensive research conducted by the International Cricket Council is set to reveal that 99% of bowlers in the history of cricket have been throwers. According to an article by Derek Pringle in the Daily Telegraph, Murali is no different from the vast majority of his fellow players. The current law states that there should be no straightening or partial straightening of the bowling arm during delivery, and in-depth research has exposed that even bowlers, like Glenn McGrath and Shaun Pollock, usually considered exemplars of the classical action, occasionally go over the prescribed tolerance limit, bending their arms by as much as 12 degrees. So we can assume that either Paul Lewis does not know cricket or he his having the usual problem which has been coming with their western sick mentality.

Further, he was of the view that “New Zealand’s own Daniel Vettori and Martin Crowe are among those who do not believe the doosra, for example, can be bowled legally or within the spirit of cricket laws”. This will reflect his frustration of the incapability of players of his side! We can see so many remarks like this in the western-based newspapers, and even Ross Emerson who had no-balled Murali, was still giving interviews to some newspapers claiming that he has not changed his mind yet. He is the person who told Daily Telegraph in Australia that he no-balled Muralitharan due to orders from an unnamed Cricket Australia official!

But in this article I want to draw a parallel between Murali’s incident and Sri Lanka’s victory over the LTTE. Once the Sri Lankan forces defeated the LTTE, certain elements, from the western media, started to condemn the government and the forces in Sri Lanka (still they are doing that). After the first year victory celebration the Time magazine (19th May 2010) put its caption of one article as “The Sins of Sri Lanka’s Great War Victory”. So it is clear that they want to underestimate the victory. This is going in line with “That ‘but’ spoils 800 benchmark” of Lewis in Murali’s matter. Whatever the victory in this part of the world would not be accepted by them. So we have to understand the mentality of the people. This is purely because of their incapability. They do not even know about the 2500 long history of this country and civilization. If they decide to visit Sri Lanka, they will have an opportunity to see the monuments and the technology of the ancient people of the island. Perhaps then, they will understand the caliber of our people and their talents and skills. Then only will they realize that Sri Lankans are capable of overcoming any difficulty, including defeating any guerrilla movement in the world. Perhaps then, they will appreciate the achievements of our cricketing hero-Murali. But you need to have wisdom to see this. In Buddhism it is said as “Ehi Passiko” (come and see).

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