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Sison seeks support for reconciliation

2014 Oct 01

The US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Michele J Sison says while Sri Lanka suffered from three decades of terrorism, the country now has a chance to reconcile, five years after the end of the war.

Sison, who visited Kandy and met Buddhist religious leaders in the area, including the Chief Prelates, said that religious leaders of all faiths, and friends of Sri Lanka, have a role to play in supporting reconciliation.

“We know that all over the island, North, East, Center and the South, so many people suffered,” she said.

The Ambassador also said that she feels diplomats should not just remain in Colombo but must also visit other parts of the country.

She noted that meeting religious leaders and obtaining their advice on Sri Lanka is important since they may have a lot to share.

The Ambassador, who last visited Kandy in April, also briefed the Buddhist religious leaders today on some of the projects undertaken by the US Government in Kandy.

The Ambassador also introduced the new Deputy US High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, Andrew Mann and some of her other new staff members to the Buddhist religious leaders during her meetings in Kandy today. (Colombo Gazette)

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